<aside> 🌳 At Future Quest, we see a once in a lifetime opportunity at the intersection of several converging long term trends: web3, ballooning private climate investing, exponential demand for carbon and biodiversity credits, public adoption of man-made climate change science and the global transformation of economic and societal systems.


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This impact report provides an overview of our impact during the first 6 months of Future Quest existence, as of H1 Y2023.


Quests are high-impact climate solutions that are scalable and high vetted with measurable impact, led by the increasing number of innovative entrepreneurs who seek to do their part in addressing the challenge of climate change while thriving. They can be organizations or projects within them.

NOTE: A third-party validated 2023 annual report will be released Q1 2024.




We received over 330 valid applications and analyzed over 700 different organizations in web3 x climate space. We were able to raise and distribute the biggest climate x web3 grant pool during this period in the world (however smaller than hoped due to rapidly changing markets).

The pool allowed us to fund and then support a number of projects. View full list below:

‘22 ReFi Quest Winners

Selected Impact Highlights

We have funded and accelerated 17 different projects in the first 6 months of Future Quest.

View all details here:

Here are some highlights of what was accomplished with our support: